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what's going on with that cat over there [Aug. 14th, 2009|11:20 pm]
[music |big bad voodoo daddy: reefer man]


cool beans.

member of the genus phaseolus, possibly also vigna (don't laugh), kept noticeably but not  uncomfortably below room temperature (traditionally 70 degrees fahrenheit, or 21 degrees celsius).

see also: wintry peanuts.

comedian jim gaffigan is 93% funny, 7% creepy. comedian brian posehn, on the other hand, is 76% funny, 24% creepy. so why, then, does an audience always laugh louder and longer at a posehn show?

 man, it's fucking hot in here.

human male, it (the hairy, bowler-hat laden character of "adam's family" fame, popularized  most recently by acclaimed character actor john franklin) is currently and for the indefinite  future engaging in coitus with an unpleasantly high temperature, all within this location (or, more abstractly, time-frame). more disturbing if one pictures tim curry as pennywise the dancing clown copulating with fictional adult film star and professional eroticist hot gates.


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